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Auckland (New Zealand)

Auckland is one of the most populous and largest cities of the New Zealand. Around 32% of the New Zealand population resides in this city, therefore from this fact we can imagine the value of this city in the New Zealand’s common life. Lots of people like to live in Auckland because they find it very easy to get desired accommodation and other major facilities. Auckland Accommodation is very popular among the all class of the people because of the availability of different budget accommodations for all class of people and good availability of work. Even large number of the tourists which came to visit New Zealand like to stay in Auckland because they find easy availability of good and economical accommodation options here. Tourist can easily find numbers of suitable Auckland Hotels as per their need. Auckland is well connected with rest of world and interior parts of the NewZealnd through air, land and sea routes. Auckland always remains crowded with the large numbers of tourist and pe

Maui (Hawaii) Vacations

Vacation is one word which can easily make any person feel happier just by thinking about it. Therefore, we all can easily understand the importance of vacations in life. Today around the world, there are numbers of good holiday vacation options available in front of us. However certain vacation destinations like Hawaii and specially, Maui Island in Hawaii holds much strong attraction because of the great natural beauty they have. Maui is the second largest of the Hawaii Islands and provides the best of natural beauty. Many of the tourists, who visit Maui, mostly decide to stay here or spend their retired life in this beautiful island. Every year large numbers of tourist from across the world come to visit Maui for enjoying the beauty of Maui. For tourists, there are numbers of Maui vacation rentals available at the affordable price. There are numbers of good options for stay exist which provides a beautiful view of the sea. People can choose between the independent condos or hotels. H

Map of Port Blair, Andaman Nicobar (Interactive Map)

Port Blair is capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Port Blair is famous for cellar Jail where freedom fighters were sent during freedom struggle to serve punishment of Kala Pani. Today, Port Blair is main option to reach Andaman Nicobar by Air and Sea route as domestic airport and harbour are situated in Port Blair. Now, Andaman Nicobar is famous for tourism industry and large numbers of tourists visit this place every year. To know more about Port Blair city and find directions, people can use this interactive map available below. Use direction signs and plus/minus signs to use this graphs. This graph can be enlarged up to street level to find exact directions. View Larger Map

Sarnath pictures and detail

Sarnath has a great significance on the Indian culture because of its importance for different sections of society. Sarnath is mostly popular as a Buddhist pilgrimage across the world; however, it also holds good significance for the Hindus and Jain community too. Sarnath has a famous Shiva temple where every year millions of Shiva devotees visit to show their respect to Lord Shiva. According to Jain’s Sarnath is the place where Shreyamshanath, the 11th Trithankara achieved asceticism and finally died. However, this place holds much more significance for the Buddhist community because Mahatma Buddha gave his first sermon in Sarnath. After getting enlightenment in Bodh Gaya Mahatma Buddha reached Sarnath to find his five disciplines and after finding them, he gave his first sermon know as Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta. According to Buddhism Sarnath is one of the four pilgrim sites which every Buddhist many visits in his life. Archaeological Survey of India has rediscovered a numbe

In Malaysia (Malaysia Tourism Video)

Situated in South East Asia, Malaysia offers world’s finest tourist destinations to us. Malaysia is strong economical power of Asia because of strong fundamental growth. Malaysia offer combination of ultra modern and ancient civilisations. Malaysia is truly tourism delight for all tourists because of highest peak in South East Asia, wild rivers, best dive sites in world, oldest rainforest (130 million year old), best beaches, largest lime stone caves, protected endangered wildlife, best tourism facilities and many more. Malaysia offers an quality tourism destination in front of all people which no one would ever like to miss. Enjoy HQ video highlighting many of tourist attractions of Malaysia.

No complimentary Food on Kingfisher Red flights too

Kingfisher Red is a low cost airline service from premium airline Kingfisher of India. Kingfisher Airlines after buying popular low cost airline Air Deccan integrated it with its low cost service Kingfisher Red. This low cost service from Kingfisher connects many small cities of India with Metro cities. To attract more travellers to its Kingfisher Red flights and to give its service a distinguished look, Kingfisher was offering free meal on its Kingfisher Red flights. However, company has now discontinued complimentary meal on its all Kingfisher Red flights with effect from 15 Jan, 2011. Though, it has started paid service with the name of Sky Treats and travellers can buy desired food on board. It looks that Kingfisher Red wants to follow footsteps of other successful low cost airlines and it is looking for some cost cutting.

Ross Island Pictures (Andaman and Nicobar)

Watch pictures of famous Ross Island situated just opposite to Port Blair and people need small boats or ferries to reach Ross Island. Small boats can be taken from Junglighat to Ross Island. Ross Island is very beautiful due to lots of scenic beauty present in this Island. British first occupied this Island on Andaman and Nicobar and later sifted to Port Blair. This Island is presently under the control of Indian Navy and Indian Navy charge nominal fee to visit this Island. People approximately need two hour to circle around this Island. (Click on any picture to see it in large size)

Review of Kingfisher Airlines

Kingfisher is one of the premium Airlines from India and people can find many luxury items included in their flights. Kingfisher operates domestic flights in India with two different names of Kingfisher and Kingfisher Red. Kingfisher Red is economical airline service from Kingfisher which covers small metro cities and tourist destinations. For major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc where large numbers of people travel every day, Kingfisher operate its Kingfisher Class for economy Class passengers and Kingfisher First for Business class passengers. These planes have world class in-flight entertainment system with live TV channels (in some flights) and FM radio stations and they also offer complementary meal on these flights whereas Kingfisher Red flights generally do not have in-flight entertainment system and no complimentary meal on Kingfisher Red flights with effect from 15 Jan, 2011 (though traveller will have option of buying food on board). It was fine expe

How to reach Port Blair from New Delhi by Air? (Flight Detail)

In this post, people can find all available information on flying from New Delhi new Domestic Airport (T3) to Port Blair Vir Savarkar Airport. Presently, there are two options available with people to fly from New Delhi to Port Blair but none of them is actually a direct flight. JetLite operates flights between New Delhi and Port Blair by Kolkata and Kingfisher operates flights to Port Blair by Chennai. Jet Lite Flight departs at 6:15 AM from New Delhi and it reaches Kolkata at 8:20 AM after 2h and 5 minutes of journey. It departs from Kolkata to Port Blair at 9:10 AM reaches Port Blair at 11:10 AM. Cost of tickets of Jet Lite flight from New Delhi to Port Blair can vary from Rs 11000 to Rs 15000 depending on availability of tickets and date of booking. This flight can be considered as only direct flight between New Delhi and Port Blair because it takes a short break at Kolkata Airport for 50 minutes. Kingfisher do connects people to Port Blair from New Delhi by its New Delhi- Chennai