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Indian Tourism

India is emerging as next big tourism destination on world map. In Last few years, India has seen a massive increase in the number of foreign travellers and as well as home travellers. Some travel experts are saying that Indian tourism industry is on boom. All these factors have increased the business opportunities related to tourism industry in India. Many new hotels and restaurants are emerging all around major tourist attractions in India. India always makes a good choice for people from across the world to visit and live but due to poor infrastructure many people used to avoid to come to India in past. However, in recent few years Indian government has realized the potential of tourism industry and potential of revenue generation with it, so it is working very hard to bring the positive changes in Indian tourism industry. The quality of roads has improved significantly and moreover; low cost airlines have made air travel in India cheaper and easier. Now most of the tourist places i

Changing Indian Vacation Trends

Vacations have taken a new turn in Indian market. Earlier people go for vacations with their whole family and Elders of the family used to choose a place, book tickets of train and arrange a guest house at selected location. People like to take everything from cooking material to utensils with them and most of the cooking is done at the place of stay only. The main reason behind cooking inside is to save money and to tackle the problem of shortage of restaurants. People stay for few days to months at the vacation spots. It was a real kind of fun at that time. However, today big families are no more and with them the old way of vacations have also become extinct. The other reasons may be shortage of time with people or less love between the siblings. Most of people now want privacy for themselves and choose to go in small groups. Parents go alone and children go with their friends. No one wants interference with his personal space. All this has become possible due to availably of variou

About Orlando, Florida

Orlando is the fastest growing community in Florida and as well in America, thanks to the rising number of tourists every year. Today Orlando receives more visitors than the population of California, with an estimate of over 50 million which stay in Orlando’s 100,000 hotel rooms and visit seven theme parks. Population of Orlando is over 185,000 and metro-Orlando is just over 150,000. Tourism business in Orlando is worth billions of dollars and making it back bone of Orlando’s economy. Orlando offers great employment opportunities with an enjoyable atmosphere to grow families. In central Florida area, all the 7 counties offer a wide range of life style for all age groups. Orlando offers real estate in upscale gated neighborhoods; golf course communities; charming, old-fashioned towns, rural communities and areas with excellent schools. All this make Orlando a great choice for all people searching for an urban life, downtown Orlando offers a mixture of historic homes and luxury condomini

Diversity of India (A perfect country to visit)

Every nation in this world has its unique points. This article is my simple try to highlights the diversity of India and not to make any comparison. As a nation India provides a wide experience for its people and to people who are coming to India. In India you can scale the heights of big mountains, enjoy the cold evenings of desert, spend your night in a deep forest or swim in the blue water of the sea. The north east part of India is covered by hills, most of which includes Himalaya ranges. Therefore, north-east part of India faces severe cold in winters and anyone can enjoy the snow fall at most of these hill stations. West part of India is covered with Thar Desert. Many great civilizations of India live in Thar. Thar Desert is famous for its beautiful evenings, beautiful palaces and water resources. Most of the south, south-west and south-east part is circled by sea. This part includes some of beautiful beaches of the world. Goa and Kerala are some of the famous sea tourist places

Beautiful Himachal Pradesh (History and Tourism)

India has always remained a country to be discovered because it offers many unique places and cultures to be discovered. Every part of it has something different hidden in it. Today it is time to discuss about the Himachal Pradesh, a rich and vibrant state of India. Today Himachal has got the supreme position in Indian tourism industry and It is among top 10 states of India visited by foreign nationals. A person who goes to India and come back without seeing Himachal will be a person who has missed the golden chance to visit the land of Gods. Himachal is surrounded by beautiful hills, rivers and forests. One can say Himachal as the Switzerland of India. Himachal Pradesh first came to existence with the formation of Chief Commissioner's province of H.P. on 15th, April 1948 by government of India. Himachal become part C state on 26, january1950. Bilaspur was merged in Himachal on 1st July, 1954 and got the status of union territory on 1st November, 1956. On 1st November, 1966, Kangra

Why to visit San Marino- Little Italy

First thing which comes into mind about San Marino is its tiny size. Completely land locked by Italy, San Marino is the world’s oldest republic and one of smallest countries. San Marino is a successful democracy which is governed by its own laws and institutions. Its currency is Euro and the character is very much main stream European. In a periphery that is limited and small, there is lot to be explored and experienced in San Marino. The Royal or public palace, which is a neo-Gothic edifice in regal Romanesque style of architecture, is renowned for its daily change of Royal guards- the Guardia de Rocca, a popular visual attraction. Founded by Saint Marinus in 301 AD, San Marino is known for its medieval and historical character preserved in its public and private monuments. The waxworks museum is a reconstruction of 40 scenes and 100 characters of bygone era. There is a state museum with its collection of archaeological and artistic treasures. The 14th century Gallery of San Francesco

Why to visit Singapore (Video Presentation)

Singapore is one of best places which every person wants to visit because of its uniqueness and diversity simultaneously. People can enjoy mixtures of many old cultures in this tiny place. Singapore is very prominent in usage of technology and latest technologies. For all travel enthusiasts Singapore offer a great choice. Below, I am sharing great video presentation which clearly highlights that why one should visit Singapore.