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Port Blair Sea Pictures (Andaman Nicobar)

Port Blair is surrounded by Sea from three sides and this sea cover always big a fresh look to city. To see this, watch some pictures of sea near Port Blair. (click on any image to watch it in full size).

Chennai to Port Blair Flight Detail (Andaman Nicobar)

From Chennai, people can find three fight options to reach Port Blair capital of Andaman Nicobar islands. Kingfisher Red and Indian Airlines operate daily flights to Port Blair from Kolkata. Kingfisher Red operates two flights and Air India operates one flight to Port Blair. Price range of tickets is from Rs 6000 to Rs 15000 depending on availability of tickets and date of booking. Kingfisher Red (Daily) Flight No. IT 3631 Chennai (4:55 AM) to Port Blair (6:55 AM) Flight No. IT 3633 Chennai (10:05 AM) to Port Blair (12:15 PM) Air India (Daily) Flight No. IC 549 Chennai (5:50 AM) to Port Blair (7:55 AM) Price Range Rs 6000 to Rs 15000 Air India is also operating some additional flights on this route, check with Air India website for more information.

Pictures of world’s best train journeys

Watch pictures of some of best train journeys from across the world. Trains are main form of transportation for masses in most of countries across the world; therefore, we can find many interesting train journeys. Video available below is collection of some of finest train journeys from across the world which every person will like to travel to enjoy beauty of surrounding and train journey.

Top/Best Honeymoon (Romantic Vacation) destinations in India

Every person wants to make his honeymoon or romantic vacation very memorable; therefore, people look for good places which can make their honeymoon or romantic vacation unforgettable. In India, we can find many such places which are famous for their beauty; however, some of these places provide more appeal when it comes to decide a good destination for a honeymoon or a romantic vacation. Below, I am providing a general list of places which have all ingredients for making our vacation a memorable for whole life. 1) Manali – Manali is a famous hill station of India and it is situated on the bank of river Beas. Altitude of Manali is 1,950 m or 6,398 ft; therefore, we find a very pleasant weather here around the year; though, it becomes very cold in winters. Honeymoon couple generally look for quiet and good place where they can learn more about each other. Manali is 315 KM from Chandigarh and nearest airport is Bhuntar about 50 KM from this city. People can find many budgets and luxury

Why I Love to spend vacations in Tamilnadu?

I have been to Tamil Nadu many times and I have spent three vacations in Tamil Nadu so far; and every time, I have a great experience here which compels me to visit it again and again. The main attractions of Tamil Nadu include helping people, delicious food, many locations to visit, good transportation facilities etc. Therefore, people can easily choose Tamil Nadu for spending good vacations of their lifetime. Tamil Nadu is situated at the southern end of India and southern tip of India is situated in kanyakumari which is also in Tamil Nadu. People can find many attractive places in Tamil Nadu from sea beaches to hills. People can visit Tamil Nadu at any time in year expect few months of heavy rain and extreme hotness. Local language in Tamil Nadu is Tamil and mostly, people speak Tamil only with large numbers of people who can understand and speak English. Due to the flow of Tourists from other parts of India and world, many cab drivers and hotels workers do speak Hindi/English which

My Love for Vacations

Different people have different kinds of hobbies and like these people; I do have one such hobby which always motivates me to travel a lot. This hobby is desire to spend many and many more beautiful vacations around the year. Good vacations are great source for rejuvenating yourselves and enjoying life; so, I always look for any opportunity to spend great vacations with my loved ones. Enjoyment in any vacation increases many times when we are accompanied by our loved ones on these vacations. Travelling alone is not so much fun as travelling with family because our family members increase our happiness many times. It is important for all of us to look for all opportunities available in front of us to spend good vacations together with family. We are fortunate enough to be born in a country which offers many places to visit and every state of India offers a unique beauty. Therefore, Indians can enjoy great vacations without even visiting abroad. Though, visiting abroad has also become ve