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Rameshwaram Pictures 2 (Tamil Nadu)

This is my second set of pictures of famous South Indian town of Rameshwaram. To watch earlier set of pictures of Rameshwaram please visit  Rameshwaram Pictures (Tamil Nadu) . Rameswaram city has great significance for all Hindus because one of Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva is situated here. Rameshwaram visit is also significant because of Lord Rama visit to this place. Rameshwaram is a beautiful Island city which offers many attractive and beautiful natural locations. People can also visit Ram Setu, an upward structure in Sea connecting India and Sri Lanka which is believed as a Setu (bridge) constructed by Rama to reach Sri Lanka for fighting Sri Lankan demon King Ravana. Below watch second set of pictures.

Beautiful Shimla, Hiamchal Pictures Presentation

Capital of Himahcal Pradesh, Shimla is a very popular hill station in India and world. Every year, millions of people visit Shimla from across the world to see its beauty. Shimla was once summer’s capital of India during British rule because British were unable to bear hot weather of Delhi. Shimla offers a very pleasant and semi cold weather in summer season because its presence on hill top. Many tourists reach Shimla during summer to get relief from acute heat wave in planes. During winter, temperature become very cold in Shimla and snow takes place. Shimla offer many old architects from the British Time and small toy train runs between Shimla-Kalka route. Below, I am adding beautiful pictures presentation of Shimla and toy train.