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My Review - Tourist Destination Rewalsar (Mandi, Himachal)

Rewalsar Lake (Mandi)  When I was a kid then I used to hear about the Rewalsar town and a small lake situated in the middle of this town from my mother who visited it many times during her childhood. I only got the opportunity to visit Rewalsar town when I was in my twenties and now I have visited it three times. Rewalsar is a popular tourist destination in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh and many tourists visit it.  This town is situated just 22 KM away from  Mandi city and situated on the old road route which connects Mandi to Punjab. An Old Shiva Temple at Rewalsar  To reach Rewalsar, you need to take state highway 26 from Mandi or Khalkhar. As we approach the Rewalsar town from Khalkhar side we descend on the road and the lake starts appearing just before reaching the town. Whereas when we come from the Mandi side, then you witness steep ascend on the road. Mahatma Buddha Temple The main attraction of Rewalsar is its lake which is situated in the middle

My visit to Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj Temple complex (Rampur Sani, Nangal)

Inside Shiva Temple I love to travel and therefore, often gets a chance to visit many places which I have not seen before. India is a country of Temples and we can find many temples around us. While some of the temples are very popular and everyone knows about them. However, still, there are many other temples which are not very popular but have good popularity in the local region. The Temple Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj at Rampur Sani, Nangal is one such temple. This temple is situated between two canals originating from the Nangal Dam and it is the place where the main Maharaj of the temple used to meditate and worship. Today, at this place, we can find a big temple complex with many small temples, Goshala and marriage hall. This temple is situated away from the main road, and to reach this temple you need to cross the main Bhakra Canal and take the small road adjacent to the Bhakra canal. Many people who visit this temple also take bath in the adjoining canal where an iron net