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Why visit Hawaii ? (Picture presentation)

Here people can watch beautiful video with picture presentations of Hawaii and many beautiful locations situate around Hawaii. At the beginning of video, people can find short introduction on Hawaii. Hawaii is one of best places to spend vacations and therefore, we see millions of people from the across the world visiting Hawaii every year. People can learn more about Hawaii Vacation by visiting earlier article (follow link Hawaii vacations ). By watching this video, people can learn clearly that why they should Hawaii and plan a Hawaii vacation.

Pictures of Cellular jail (Port Blair, Andaman Nicobar)

Here people can watch pictures of famous Cellular Jail situated in Port Blair. This jail is also known as Kala Pani. Today, this jail is converted in to a monument for giving homage to all freedom fighters who were sentenced to Kala Pani by then British Rulers who want to stop freedom struggle of India. Veer Savarkar was also one such famous freedom fighter who died in this jail. People can easily learn about all history of this jail by watching famous sound and light show which is played every evening in this jail and it presents complete history of Cellular jail in a beautiful way. (Click on any image to see it in big size)

Hawaii vacations

We all like to go for vacations because they provide a great opportunity to enjoy life and refresh ourselves. Due to this reason, large numbers of people from across the world choose various vacations from across the globe. Whenever people feel bored from their routine jobs, they look for good vacations to remove this boringness. Mostly, vacations are able to re-energize people in to fresh beings. One of the attractive locations for most of the people is Hawaii. Hawaii is newest and 50th state of US and it is only made of islands. Hawaii is made of chain of small and big 123 islands and among them are 8 main big islands. Hawaii provides great attraction to the tourists who are coming here to visit its natural surroundings, pleasant atmosphere, sea beaches, calmness, active volcanoes, water falls and many more. Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world which attract many beach lovers, surfers and sea lovers from across the world. There are many beautiful locations available for

Video Clips Kangra Fort (Kangra, Himachal Pradesh)

Kangra is one the most beautiful district of Himachal Prdesh. Kangra has many natural and manmade places to visit. For centuries this place has remained the main influential place because of its long legacy and rule of katoch dynasty over it. Kangra Fort has a great influence in the Kangra district history and Katoch dynasty. This Fort is situated just few KM away from the main Kangra city and this fort is worth watching. Present this Fort is under the care of Archaeological department of India and people require to buy a Ticket of Rs 10 to visit this Fort. Below are few clipping of Kangra fort to watch (Sorry for poor quality, as video taken five years back with mobile). Kangra Fort Video 2 Kangra Fort Video 3 Kangra Fort video 1

Online Help for planning Good Vacations

Today vacations have become an important part of our life. More and more people are opting for the vacations in the present world. To fulfil this growing need of the visitors more and more countries are encouraging tourism in their nations. Every nation is trying to attract large share of these visitors towards itself for getting the advantage of this growth in tourism industry. To accelerate tourism in their nation, these nations are promoting all the necessary infrastructures in their nations. Due to this factor we are seeing many big hotels, good quality roads, and many other facilities for the tourists. Moreover, increasing income of the people worldwide is also booming the tourist business. Today people are ready to pay any cost for enjoying their vacations. To fuel this entire growth internet is also helping people; as, it is very easy to book hotels, air tickets, tour packages online with the help of internet. Thanks to the internationally accepted credit cards and internet bank

Supporting Eco Tourism

In recent years, Tourism has become big business around the world and every country wants to get its pie of share from this market. There are many countries around the world whose most of earning depends on the tourism industry alone like Maldives. However, very less people know this fact that unplanned and uncontrolled tourism related constructions and expansions can cause many side effects on the nature and surrounding than providing any help. As, many unplanned and illegal new hotels, restaurants and other constructions came up in these countries to accommodate more numbers of tourists which cause great threat to nature. This kind of trends can be commonly seen around famous tourist places across major developing or under developing nations. Moreover, visiting tourists do affect the natural life of surrounding by causing pollution. Due to this reason many countries have shifted towards the Eco tourism (A nature friendly tourism which do not cause any problem to nature). This is a ne

About Mandi City (Himachal Pradesh)

We always have numbers of memories associated with the town or place where we are born; similarly, I have many memories associated with my birthplace i.e. Mandi city of Himachal Pradesh. Old name of Mandi is Mandav Nagar and it is also known as Sahor. Mandi is a city situated on the bank of river the Beas and it is surrounded from all sides by the hills. Mandi is also known as the Kashi (a famous temple town of India situated in Varanasi (UP)) of Himachal Pradesh. There are around 81 historical temples in Mandi which represent many Shiva forms.  Mandi has hundreds of new and old temples which include many renowned old stone temples constructed by Pandvas. Mandi is a gateway to Kullu vellay because everyone has to pass through Mandi to reach Kulu or Manali. Indira Market-Square is a popular market place of Mandi (can be seen in Photograph). I have lots of my childhood memories attached with Mandi. Every year in summer vacations we used to come here for spending our vacations.  Mandi can