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Beautiful Historical and Ancient Temples of Himachal Pradesh

  Himachal Pradesh is popularly known as the state of Gods because of so many temples of different Gods and deities present here. So many famous pilgrim places and shrines are in Himachal Pradesh and every year millions of devotees come to visit these places. In every corner of Himachal Pradesh, we can find a famous or historical temple. I am also bringing to you my collection of some of the famous temples of Himachal Pradesh. All these temples are captured by me on my camera. You can learn more about these temples by clicking on the temple image itself. In these temples, you can see a huge variation in design, style, and material used. The oldest and ancient temples are either made up of stone or wood and they are standing stable on the ground for so many years which shows the high skills of old craftsmen. Moreover, Himachal Pradesh offers a mix of many cultures so we get a chance to see temples of other religions too like Buddhism.  (Click on the Image to Learn more)  1. Shiv Temple

Chamunda Mata Temple Shakti Peeth (Pictures and Detail)

  On the foot of dhauladhar hills in Kangra district, we can find the Chamunda Mata Temple. This temple is just 19 KM away from Palampur and 25 KM away from Kangra and it is situated on the Dharamshala - Palampur highway. It is a very famous temple of Maa Chamunda and every year millions of devotees visit this place from different parts of India. The temple is situated in a very beautiful location and we can find an ancient Shivalinga beneath a big rock. At present, this temple is going through the work of renovation for the last few years and we can hope to see the completion of work fast.  During the Navratras, we can see a great rush of devotees. The Chamunda Mata Temple is considered one of the 51 Shakti Peeths present in India and it is the main reason for so many devotees to come to this temple. The name of the Maa Chamunda is derived from the names of two demons 'Chanda' and 'Munda' who Maa Chamunda killed, therefore, got this name. This temple is located on the