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Review of Sea View Lodge, KanyaKumari (Tamil Nadu)

Kanyakumari town hardly needs any introduction because every Indian knows that it is southern most tip of India. KanyaKumari is situated in Tamil Nadu state of India and it is very popular tourist destination in India. Millions of people every year visit Kanyakumari to see southern most tip of India. I also visited Kanyakumari to experience excitement of standing of Southern most tip of India. I stayed in Sea View Lodge in Kanyakumari which is situated near Kanyakumari beach and it faces famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Thiruvalluvar Statue. This is the main attraction of this lodge that you get chance to see famous attractions of Kanyakumari from lodge. Moreover, People can enjoy sun rise from lodge itself. However expect these attractions; this is an average lodge with some comforts missing. I stayed in this lodge for two nights and three days. I selected this lodge because of its presence on beach; however, I have no idea that other services can be missing in this lodge. Th

Beautiful Himachal Video Presentation

Himachal is one of the beautiful states of India and it offers many places for adventurous, peaceful and refreshing vacations. Below, I am embedding a video in which people can watch pictures of famous places in Himachal Pradesh. This video provides a great option to explore beauty of Himachal and see beauty of many beautiful places present Himachal Pradesh. There are still many places in Himachal which needs to be exploited for tourism purpose and can provide good revenue stream to people of Himachal. Hiamchal can be termed as mini Switzerland of India because there are many places in Himachal which are no away less beautiful than Switzerland. Watch this video to see yourself.