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Watch Maha Ganga Arti, Varanasi (Banaras)

Banaras or Varanasi is one of the holiest city of India and due to this reason, large number of devotees from different parts of India come to visit this city. In Hindu religion, Varanasi has a great significance due to numbers of historical facts, ancient temples and river Ganga. Ghats of Banaras are very famous Ghats on the bank of river the Ganga and it is very enjoyable to see Maha arti of river the Ganga. Below, people can watch famous Maha arti of Varanasi with help of video available. This video can be a good gift for people who are not able to visit Varanasi and see Maha Arti themselves.

Map of Varanasi (Banaras) City (Interactive Map)

To learn more about famous and religious city of Varanasi (Banaras) UP, India, I am adding interactive map of city below. Every year millions of people from India and world come to Varanasi for religious and tourism purpose. With the help of this map, people can learn more about Varanasi and find major places and directions. This map is provided by Google. People can easily expand and contract this map with the help of plus and minus options available on this map. This is an interactive map which can expand or contract by clicking plus and minus signs. People can easily expand this map up to street level and find accurate direction and places situated in Banaras. View Larger Map

Beautiful Himachal Kangra Pictures Video

Kangra is very beautiful district of Himachal Pradesh State in India. Kangra is famous of religious temples, scenic beauties, hill stations and peaceful Himachali life. Below, people can watch video presentation of pictures of different places of Kangra from my collection of pictures. This video highlights beauty of Kangra and areas around it.

Ginger Hotels Review

In last few months, I got chance to stay in few Ginger Hotels, a Tata Enterprise venture. Ginger hotel is a chain of budget hotels but well maintained hotels across India. Today, we can find big demand for budget hotels in India because of sharp increase in stay needs of ever increasing travel community of India. Numbers of travellers in India are constantly increasing because of increase in local tourism and business needs. Many such travellers look for good budget hotels for their stay because they can’t spend lot of money on big hotels. Therefore, Tata Group saw lots of potential in budget hotel segment and introduced Ginger hotels. Earlier, Tata group was known for five star and luxury hotels across the world because of long chain of luxury Taj group hotels. Ginger Hotels, a Budget hotel chain, by Tata’s have become very successful because people are getting chance to stay in a good hotel by paying cost of a budget hotel. It is very comfortable to stay in these hotels and we can fi

Celcabs Taxi (Cab) service in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram)

Few months, I was in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) capital city of Indian state Kerala. Here I used safe and economical Taxi service with the name of Celcabs. I stayed in ginger Hotel and on enquiry; they told me that it will cost Rs 450 for reaching airport through Taxi arranged by them. However, instead I called 04712453553 (alternate no. 047160609090) number of celcabs and booked a Taxi (cab) for myself from Ginger Hotel to Trivandrum airport. Driver of Taxi reached 10 minutes before time and it cost me just Rs 220 only to reach airport by using this service. I used this service to visit numbers of famous places across Trivandrum and it was a very pleasant and good experience for me. This service is very good alternative for people who are visiting Trivandrum for first time. Celcabs offer a reliable and economical solution in front of people to move around Trivandrum. There service is very fast and people get immediate messages about their booking and billed amount; therefore, peo

Junglighat Pictures (Port Blair, Andaman)

Watch pictures of Junglighat, Port Blair from my collection of pictures. From Junglighat small boats sail to famous Ross Island, Viper Island and Northway Coral Island. People can easily catch these boats to reach these islands by paying nominal fee. (Click on images to watch them in full size).

Destination Tamilnadu (India) Video presentation

Tamilnadu is second largest tourism market in India because of many world famous attractions present in this beautiful state. People can find many unique and attractive tourist destinations in Tamilnadu. People can find diversified culture, world famous hill stations, and largest coastline in India of approximately 1000 KM, longest and beautiful beaches, thousands of amazing temples, historic places and many more. People need months of time in stretch to enjoy complete Tamilnadu and we can visit it again and again. Main tourist destinations of Tamilnadu include Ooty, Kanayakumari, Rameshwaram, Kodaikanal, Chennai, Pondicherry, Madurai etc. Tamil is very friendly tourist destination and there are many facilities available for tourist at economical rates. Below, people can enjoy high quality video of major tourist destinations in India.

Selecting Best Travel Destination or Best Vacations

We all travel to various places across the world for enjoying vacations but many times, we are not able to enjoy these vacations because we did not find any attraction or enjoyment in these places because these places do not match our taste. Around the world there are millions of travel destinations available for people to choose from. However, it is very difficult to choose best travel destination as per one’s taste. Most of the travelling agencies over highlight the features of travel destinations which they are promoting because it generates more profit to them. We are only able to realise all these shortcomings only after visiting these travelling destinations. Therefore, if people can find a way to plan best vacations then they can easily increase their vacation’s enjoyment. The best option available with the people is to consult real time travellers who have already visited that place. These people can easily provide the right information about the various destinations because th

Read To Know about Banaras (Varanasi City, Kashi)

Last year, I got a chance to visit one of the holiest cities of India which is Banaras also known as Varanasi. Varanasi is a very popular religious destination because of presence of many places of religious importance around it. It is situated on the bank of holly river the Ganga. Banaras is also known as Kashi because of the Lord Kashi Vishwanath temple of Lord Shiva situated in it. This city holds a great significance in the life of every Hindu because of its religious value. According to the Hindu religion, any person who dies in Kashi attains a godhood and gets himself free from the cycle of birth and death. Therefore, it is a desire of many Hindus to die in this place. This place is known to be constructed by the Lord Shiva himself for the welfare of mankind so that they can attain self realization by meditating here. It is very difficult for us to imagine Varanasi city without the touch of religion. This holly city is full of numbers of beautiful and religiously significant temp