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Journey of Beautiful Kangra Fort (Himachal Pradesh) Pictures and Video

 Read in Hindi Kangra Fort is one of the largest and famous forts present in Himachal Pradesh. The main attraction of the fort is its strategic location which gives its an advantage over the enemies for many centuries. This fort is constructed on the confluence of two rivers in such a way that it is surrounded by steep natural walls from the three sides. It is believed very few outside attackers were able to win this fort in its long history. A long history of Katoch rulers is also associated with this fort who ruled it for the longest time. It was believed that those who have the fort also have control over this area.  Today, this fort is under the archeological department of India and they have worked well to restore its damaged parts. Kangra Fort is one of the most visited places in the Kangra district after the Masroor Rock Temples . The fort is situated in old part of Kangra city which is just 4 KM away from the main town. This fort was built by the Katoch (Rajput) rulers and it