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Beautiful Pictures of Taj Mahal

It is very hard for any person to dispute beauty of Taj Mahal because it is one of most beautiful architectural marvels present on earth. Recently, I realized this by visiting Taj Mahal and after watching it for first time, I totally lost my senses for some time. It looked to me for some time that I have reached totally different place which is not present on earth. Taj was many times beautiful and magnificent then I imagined. I will recommend every person to visit Taj for once in his life time so that he can enjoy this great beauty in his or her life. Due to this reason, millions of people alone visit Taj Mahal daily and visitor includes people from all across the world. During my visit, I got chance to capture some of memorable pictures of Taj which I hope everyone of you will like. Taj Mahal First View Taj Mahal Reflection in Water Taj Mahal Beauty