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Pictures Barot (Mandi, Himachal Pradesh)

p>Below people can watch few beautiful pictures of Barot, Himachal Pradesh. Recently, I got a chance to visit the Barot Hydel Project in the  Mandi district of Himachal. These are few of the Pictures of surroundings and adjoining of this area. These pictures tell that how beautiful Himachal is and simultaneously how difficult is to reach these locations. In the future also I will bring more photographs from different parts of the Himachal. Pictures were taken by Arvind Katoch (with Nokia 5800) Share on Express Your Thoughts

Cheap International Air Travel in India

Thanks to globalisation and increasing demand for various services, we are seeing availability of many services at affordable rates. Up to last month, it was quite expensive in India to travel out of India by air; however, from last month two low budgets airlines Spicejet and AirAsia have introduced cheap flights from India to destinations in countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. These tickets cost three to two times less than general air tickets; thus, making it very economical for people to travel by air on international routes. If these routes become successful then we can see introduction of many such flights to more numbers of destinations out of India. Domestic cheap air travel is available in India from last few years and these services have become very successful with more than 80% occupancy of average flights. Similarly, we can expect success of cheap international air travel in India. In near future, we can expect many more airlines introducing si

Security Concerns on Vacations

We all love to enjoy peaceful and secure vacations. Around the world, there are many good and attractive vacation locations available for the people; however, at some locations security remains a major concern. Though every country works hard to provide safe and secure vacations to tourists; however, it is important for tourists to learn well about place where they are planning to spend a vacation. In developing or under developed nations sometimes situations even become worse without any warning. Therefore, it makes no fun to choose a vacation location which fails to provide proper security and sometimes, this approach can take fatal look. People can easily reduce most of security risks and worries by studying well about place and planning vacations in time when everything is peaceful in that nation. It is also important to book quality and well known hotels for stay because these hotels take good security measures as compared to other general budget hotels. While travelling with fami