Wednesday, January 12, 2011

About Mandi City (Himachal Pradesh)



We always have numbers of memories associated with town or place where we are born; similarly, I have many memories associated with my birth place i.e. Mandi city of Himachal Pradesh. Old name of Mandi is Mandav Nagar and it is also known as Sahor. Mandi is a city situated on the bank of river the Beas and it is surrounded from all sides by the hills. Mandi is also known as the Kashi (a famous temple town of India situated in Varanasi (UP)) of Himachal Pradesh. There are around 81 historical temples in Mandi which represent many Shiva forms. Mandi has hundreds of new and old temples which include many renowned old stone temples constructed by Pandvas. Mandi is a gateway to Kullu vellay because everyone has to pass through Mandi to reach Kulu or Manali. Indira Market-Square is a popular market place of Mandi (can be seen in Photograph). I have lots of my childhood memories attached with Mandi. Every year in summer vacations we used to come here for spending our vacations. Mandi can be termed as a spiritual and religious city for its calm, unique and various religious places. There are many popular places in 50 KM radius of Mandi like Rewalsar Lake, Prashar Lake, Kamlah Fort, Janjehli, Karsog valley, Pangna Fort etc. Mandi is good place to be covered in two or three days.

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