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My Review - Tourist Destination Rewalsar (Mandi, Himachal)

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Rewalsar Lake (Mandi) 

When I was a kid then I used to hear about the Rewalsar town and a small lake situated in the middle of this town from my mother who visited it many times during her childhood. I only got the opportunity to visit Rewalsar town when I was in my twenties and now I have visited it three times. Rewalsar is a popular tourist destination in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh and many tourists visit it.  This town is situated just 22 KM away from the Mandi city and situated on the old road route which connects Mandi to Punjab.
Temple, Rewalsar, Mandi, Lake, Himachal
An Old Shiva Temple at Rewalsar 

To reach Rewalsar, you need to take state highway 26 from Mandi or Khalkhar. As we approach the Rewalsar town from Khalkhar side you descend on the road and lake starts appearing just before reaching the town. Whereas when we come from Mandi side, then you witness steep ascend on the road.
Mahatma Buddha Temple
Mahatma Buddha Temple

The main attraction of Rewalsar is its lake which is situated in the middle of the town. Rewalsar is a small town and gives the perfect example of religious harmony because around the lake we can find a Temple, Monastery, and a Gurudwara. Around the lake, we can find many shops of decorative items, garments, and food. In Rewalsar, we can find many small and budget hotels including one by HPDTC Tourist Inn which is mostly my preferred place for food and stay.


One can find all the shops for all basic necessities in Rewalsar with Post Office, Bank, and ATM. Though, Rewalsar is not situated at very high attitude; however, still, it is a good option for small weekend breaks. Day temperature here remains normal whereas nights may become colder.

Nearby Attractions to Rewalsar are Maa Naina Devi Temple situated 11 KM away and Mandi town which is 22 KM away which is known for multiple ancient temples.

Overall Rewalsar is a great place to run away from summer heat and enjoy some peaceful time. Rewalsar provides a great opportunity to educate yourself and your kids about the different religions.

Fish, Rewalsar, Lake

The other good thing about the Rewalsar lake is an abundance of fish at the lake. The fish are so high in number that they sometimes come out of the water and you can even touch them while feeding. To watch the video of fish at Rewalsar Clik Here

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