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Journey to Sacred Prashar Lake at 2730 m (8560 feet) How to Reach? Road Condition, Precautions and Pictures

It is the dream of many travelers to visit sacred Prashar Lake for at least one time in life. Many people become interested in Prashar Lake after watching its pictures. 
Temple, Prashar lake, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, Prashar
Prashar Lake and Temple First View

I also came to know about this beautiful lake is through its pictures only. This lake is situated at the top of a hill at a height of 2730 meters (8560 feet). This Lake is 49 KM drive from Mandi; however, the road condition is ruff towards the last 19 KMs.

The road conditions, even become worse during the rainy season or just after when the snow melts. Therefore, it is important to take all precautions to reach this place.

Prashar lake, Himachal Tourism
Prashar Lake 19 KM
The last 19 KM journey involves rough roads, steep ascent, and snow on top.

Also, the same precaution is required when you are coming down because you face a steep slope.

If you are accustomed to the difficult Himachali driving conditions, then this journey will not be difficult for you; though, you must take necessary precautions.

The road to Prashar Lake remains closed in winters and movement on it depends on the snow at top peak and around Lake.

Therefore, it is advisable to check at Mandi that the road is open to reaching Prashar Lake or not.

Prashar lake, Road, Narrow Road
Narrow Road through Snow

Road, Prashar lake
Snow around Road

I went there in a 9-year-old Maruti with five people and one child. Though, at two points I was required to the empty car to decrease load and cross few bumps.

I went to Prashar Lake in the month of March, though, some people don't believe this time ideal to visit Prashar Lake because of snow.

HPWD clears the road for vehicles in the month of February/March depending on the snow condition.

On my journey, snow started to appear in the last 8 km, though, the road was completely cleared for the movement of vehicles.

First of all, we enjoyed the snow for some time and then moved forward to Prashar lake.

In the last 15 KM of drive, I was forced to use only first and second gear because of steep ascent and bad road conditions. Therefore, the car engine was like burning just 4 KM away from Prashar lake.

This journey is not for people who don't enjoy tough roads, high mountains, or who have bad health conditions.

The daytime temperature was fine, but we were still in woolens to avoid any cold.

HP Forest Department, Prashar lake
HP Forest Department Board
Near Prashar lake, we can find two Guest Houses by Forest Department and HPWD. If you want to stay for a night in them, then you need to book them in advance.

Booking for a night stay can be only done at Mandi.

Snow, Prashar Lake
Snow around Prashar Lake
After reaching the Prashar lake, we got such feeling that we will not able to see the lake and temple because of 2 to 4-foot snow spread across the lake.

To reach the lake from the road, you need to first climb 50 to 80 feet and then descend 50 to 90feet. However, due to snow, it was very difficult to climb and two of the main paths to reach Prashar Lake were in 3-4 foot snow.

To avoid this situation, we are forced to find another way to enter Prashar Lake which was 2 KM away from the road. The local shopkeepers opened this path for the visitors and you are required to cross a small stretch of snow.

Prashar lake, First View
Me at Prashar lake
After around 60 foot climbs, I got the first glimpse of the Prashar lake for the first time and after seeing the majestic beauty of the Lake, my all pains disappear.

Inside the circle, there was not much snow and it was very easy to reach the temple and Lake.

We reached the temple and sat there for some time.

Parashar Rishi, Temple, Parashar lake
13th Century Parashar Rishi Temple
There are many stories associated with this temple. This temple was built in the 13th century and is a pagoda-like temple. As per legend, this temple was constructed by a six-month-old baby from a single Tree. Parashar Rishi mediated at the place and Prashar Lake is believed to come into existence through his meditation. Parashar Rishi is the first saint to explain how the planet acts as per Karma and he is the founder of Indian astrology.

The Priest at the temple was very nice and he allowed us inside the temple to pay obedience to Prashar Rishi. He performed a Pooja for us and gave his blessings to my son. He insisted that we should visit this place again.

Parashar Lake, Floating Island,
Mysterious Floating Island Prashar Lake
The other unique point of this Lake is its mysterious and floating island. So far, no one knows exactly why this island floats and how long it is floating. Though, someone told me that Prashar Rishi used to meditate on this island.

Parashar Rishi Temple, Floating Island, Prashar lake
Floating Island and Parashar Rishi Temple
This floating island keeps on changing its position throughout the year. In the background, you can watch the ancient Parashar Rishi and Temple complex. At this place, you get a heavenly experience that is difficult to put into words.

It is believed good to circle around the lake after visiting the temple so we did the same and got to see the lake from all sides.

Prashar lake
Prashar Lake

 To keep you safe, there is a wired boundary across the lake so that people should avoid going near it.

When you climb again from Prashar lake then you can find a four-five local restaurant where you can eat food or drink tea.

Overall, it was a great experience and I will definitely like to do it again.

Prashar lake, Top Hill
Top Hill Around Prashar lake


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