Thursday, January 6, 2011

Indian Tourism

India is emerging as next big tourism destination on world map. In Last few years, India has seen a massive increase in the number of foreign travellers and as well as home travellers. Some travel experts are saying that Indian tourism industry is on boom. All these factors have increased the business opportunities related to tourism industry in India. Many new hotels and restaurants are emerging all around major tourist attractions in India.

India always makes a good choice for people from across the world to visit and live but due to poor infrastructure many people used to avoid to come to India in past. However, in recent few years Indian government has realized the potential of tourism industry and potential of revenue generation with it, so it is working very hard to bring the positive changes in Indian tourism industry. The quality of roads has improved significantly and moreover; low cost airlines have made air travel in India cheaper and easier.

Now most of the tourist places in India remain fully filled to their capacity during peak seasons and therefore; it is advisable to go to any place after getting a confirm booking of the hotel. Internet has solved the problem of people to some extent and people can buy tickets from many online websites. There are many popular travel related webstores from where people can easily buy air tickets, train tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, tour packages etc.

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