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Review Hotel Sunrise View Rameswaram

Hotel Sunrise View is an above average budget hotel situated in Holly city of Rameswaram. This hotel is just a walking distance away from main Rameswaram temple where Jyotirling is situated. People can easily reach temple barefoot from this hotel and mostly lines to temple entrance start from the main entrance of hotel. Rameswaram is small fishing town and it is hard to find world class facilities here. Slowly, this city is progressing with the increase in inflow of tourists.

Hotel Sunrise View is one such good option available in front of people who are looking for good and safe stay option in Rameswaram. In this hotel double room is available for Rs 1500 only and twin room for Rs 1800 only. People can also go for luxury room available at the rate of Rs 4500. (All rates with Taxes). I stayed in this hotel for two days and one night; and, overall I had a great experience in this hotel. Rameswaram Sea was clearly visible from the Balcony of my room and I enjoyed Sunrise view from my room only. Rameswaram Temple is also visible from one side of Hotel.

Room was in clean condition and necessary facilities were available in room. All rooms are fitted with ACs, intercom, cctv, 24 hour hot water suplly. This hotel provides a great location advantage as it is present in the middle of town. All important temples and historic places are situated around this hotel and people can easily hire an autorickshaw to visit all these places. My rating for this hotel is 4 out of 5 and I recommend this hotel for stay in Rameswaram.


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