Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Visit to Baudi Sahib Temple and Sarovar (Behrari, Kathgarh, Punjab)

Main Temple, Baudi Sahib,
Main Temple 

In India, we can find many hidden places with lots of tourism potential but due to no promotion may places remain hidden from eyes of most of the people. One of such beautiful and peaceful place is Baudi Sahib which is famous in the local area for its Baudi (Sarovar). This Sarovar is believed to be very holy and on the festival or auspicious days, many people came here to take dip its waters. The main thing which stops you from reaching this place is the bad road which even becomes worse in the rainy season.
Temple, Baudi Sahib,

To reach Baudi Sahib, you first need to reach Kathgrah, a small town near Ropar. After reaching Kathgrah, you can find two roads to reach Baudi Sahib. Baudi Sahib is around 8 KM away from the main Phagwara-Mohali highway. Here we can find dera of Baba Sarwan Das and present Mahant of the dera takes care of this place. With the efforts of the current Mahant, a big complex and temple have been constructed at this place.
Baudi Sahib

All devotees or visitors who visit this place are offered free food or tea. Baudi Sahib is situated in the middle of Kandi hills and around it, we can find tall hills. This place is very peaceful except the festival days and one can spend a quality time here.
Baudi Sahib,
New Langar Hall 

At the one side of the complex, we can find a medium sized Sarovar to take bath. You can also take bath in sarovar; however, I have no idea about its depth so be careful. The good point of this place is that whole of complex and Sarovar are kept well and we don't find any dirt here. Many devotees regularly come here for free seva of the Ashram.
Sarovar, Baudi Sahib
Me at Baudi Sahib Sarovar

Sarovar, Baudi Sahib

Sarovar, Baudi Sahib
Children Taking Bath in Sarovar

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