Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Supporting Eco Tourism

In recent years, Tourism has become big business around the world and every country wants to get its pie of share from this market. There are many countries around the world whose most of earning depends on the tourism industry alone like Maldives. However, very less people know this fact that unplanned and uncontrolled tourism related constructions and expansions can cause many side effects on the nature and surrounding than providing any help.

As, many unplanned and illegal new hotels, restaurants and other constructions came up in these countries to accommodate more numbers of tourists which cause great threat to nature. This kind of trends can be commonly seen around famous tourist places across major developing or under developing nations. Moreover, visiting tourists do affect the natural life of surrounding by causing pollution. Due to this reason many countries have shifted towards the Eco tourism (A nature friendly tourism which do not cause any problem to nature).

This is a new concept of the tourism which provides a full protection to nature while providing a complete vacation enjoyment to the tourists. In this way tourists are able to enjoy their vacations and nature is also saved from any harm. Many countries are coming up with this new concept of Eco tourism which can boost tourism without affecting nature. It is also important from our side to support ecotourism and avoid polluting places.

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