Friday, January 7, 2011

Dubai- A great vacation destination

Dubai is one of greatest tourist and shopping destination of world and large numbers of people from across the world choose Dubai as their preferred vacation destination. Many people from India every year go to Dubai to do shopping for essential items or spend luxury vacations on various Dubai resorts. Every year Dubai also celebrates tourism festival and offer great benefits to the tourists.

Dubai is also known for its high rising buildings and no income tax. Overall life in Dubai provides a great pleasure than the other Arab countries. This may be the reason of many Indian buying Dubai properties. Dubai knows this secret that one day all oil wells will get empty and then it will be hard for oil producing countries to survive. Due to this reason, Dubai wants to convert itself in to a popular tourist and shopping destination of world. From last many years, Dubai is working hard in this direction to complete its ambitious project and today, we can see completely different Dubai.

Today’s Dubai offers to us world’s best hotels, shopping malls, parks, resorts, beaches and other destinations to attract tourists. For luxurious and comfortable vacations, Dubai is clearly first choice of people and it is also becoming popular in budget tourism segment. If people are thinking about a good vacation abroad then they can clearly choose Dubai as their next destination.

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