Thursday, January 6, 2011

Changing Indian Vacation Trends

Vacations have taken a new turn in Indian market. Earlier people go for vacations with their whole family and Elders of the family used to choose a place, book tickets of train and arrange a guest house at selected location. People like to take everything from cooking material to utensils with them and most of the cooking is done at the place of stay only. The main reason behind cooking inside is to save money and to tackle the problem of shortage of restaurants.

People stay for few days to months at the vacation spots. It was a real kind of fun at that time. However, today big families are no more and with them the old way of vacations have also become extinct. The other reasons may be shortage of time with people or less love between the siblings. Most of people now want privacy for themselves and choose to go in small groups. Parents go alone and children go with their friends. No one wants interference with his personal space. All this has become possible due to availably of various Discount Vacation Packages.

We can book tickets, hotels rooms and car rentals by few clicks of mouse from our home only. Tourism industry has seen great progress and people can stay comfortably in any part of world, thanks to increasing hospitality. Really a new and different trend, some say it as a good sign and others see it as a bad move. However, we have to move with the time and accept the situations as they come.

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