Thursday, January 6, 2011

About Orlando, Florida

Orlando is the fastest growing community in Florida and as well in America, thanks to the rising number of tourists every year. Today Orlando receives more visitors than the population of California, with an estimate of over 50 million which stay in Orlando’s 100,000 hotel rooms and visit seven theme parks. Population of Orlando is over 185,000 and metro-Orlando is just over 150,000. Tourism business in Orlando is worth billions of dollars and making it back bone of Orlando’s economy. Orlando offers great employment opportunities with an enjoyable atmosphere to grow families.

In central Florida area, all the 7 counties offer a wide range of life style for all age groups. Orlando offers real estate in upscale gated neighborhoods; golf course communities; charming, old-fashioned towns, rural communities and areas with excellent schools. All this make Orlando a great choice for all people searching for an urban life, downtown Orlando offers a mixture of historic homes and luxury condominiums with great views of the city. In last five years, 19 new and conversion condominiums are made. It also offers historic vintage homes in the neighborhood of Thorton Park, Lake Eola Heights, Lake Lawsona, Lake Cherokee, and Lake Copeland. With close access to beautiful Lake Eola and diversity of restaurants, retailers, discos, and bars all within walking distance, where one can enjoy different festivals and carnivals. Everything is easily accessible like sports complex, theater, and opera.

There are many family focused areas like Baldwin Park, with architecture reminiscent of the pre-1940's era in Central Florida. Orlando Vacation Home is the best choice for people searching for theme parks, glorious white sandy beaches. Florida’s wonderful climate and year round sunshine makes it a wonderful choice for vacations. With a 45 minutes drive from theme park, one can reach country side similar to UK with rolling hills and oak trees; here one can see horse breeding. You can take airboat to ride across Everglades. Shopping opportunities are excellent in Florida and especially in Orlando. So come and enjoy Florida, a real tourist destination in America.

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