Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tourist destination England

Brittan and India have strong relationship with each other. Though, there are number of painful memories of British rule still present in India; however in the present world both countries are rediscovering new relationships with each other. Every year thousands of British tourists come to India because many of them have old memories attached with India or they want to discover new India. Indians are also visiting Brittan from the past many years, however, earlier very less people were visiting Brittan as tourist destination.

Today with the increasing earning power of Indian people, many Indians are finding Brittan as excellent tourist option to them. Not only Indians but people from across the world are finding Brittan as excellent option to visit and enjoy vacations. Hotels in London try to provide all kinds of comforts to Indian visiting London and we can easily find number of Indian cuisine specially served for the Indian visitors. For most of Indians, it is really an exciting adventure to visit England and watch the fast life in cities of England like London, Manchester etc. Manchester is other famous and industrial town of England which helped world and England in getting industrial revolution.

People can easily find number of economical Hotels in Manchester but needs to be booked in advance for avoiding any inconvenience. Birmingham is second big city in England and offers a huge attraction to the tourists. Birmingham also provides a good staying option with the help of number of Hotels in Birmingham. With the each passing year, number of Indians visiting England is increasing rapidly and overall, this trend looks to further increase in future also. England is good tourist destination for Indians but still for large number of Indians visiting London is a difficult dream.

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