Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My visit to Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj Temple complex (Rampur Sani, Nangal)

Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj Temple
Inside Shiva Temple
I love to travel and therefore, often gets a chance to visit many places which I have not seen before. India is a country of Temples and we can find many temples around us. While some of the temples are very popular and everyone knows about them. However, still, there are many other temples which are not very popular but have good popularity in the local region.

The Temple Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj at Rampur Sani, Nangal is one such temple. This temple is situated between two canals originating from the Nangal Dam and it is the place where the main Maharaj of the temple used to meditate and worship. Today, at this place, we can find a big temple complex with many small temples, Goshala and marriage hall.

This temple is situated away from the main road, and to reach this temple you need to cross the main Bhakra Canal and take the small road adjacent to the Bhakra canal. Many people who visit this temple also take bath in the adjoining canal where an iron net is built in the canal so that people don't flow away in the water. The temple is very peaceful and it is well cared. You will not find any dirt inside the temple.

Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj Temple
Main Entry
Inside, the temple we see the temples of Lord Shiva, Maa Durga, Baba Balak Nath, Shani Dev, Saint himself, Guru of Saint and some other. You also see the place where Maharajji used to burn dhuna. The temple trust involves in many religious works and do work for social welfare. They do offer the marriage hall for free to the poor families and even sometimes arrange free food for marriage.

Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj Temple
Large Complex

I am adding all the major pictures of the temple and surrounding around it so that you can get the idea of it. I will say that this temple deserves at least one visit and anyone can reach here who is cross nangal or lives near nangal.
Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj Temple
Outside View

Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj Temple
Place where Duna is burnt 

Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj Temple
Open Ground and Hall

Baba Dhune Waleji Maharaj Temple
Place to take Bath

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