Wednesday, January 11, 2017

About Bhootnath Temple Mandi and its Pictures

Bhootnath, Temple, Mandi,

People of Mandi city very well knows the importance of Bhootnath temple which is situated in the middle of the city. In the first look, one can observe that this temple is very old and purely made of stones. This temple was built by Raja Ajber Sen of Mandi in 1527 A.D, There is a story behind the building of this temple. According to the story, the then ruler of Mandi Raja Ajber Sen heard that a cow is offering her milk every day at a particular spot.

Bhootnath, Temple,

To investigate the story, the king ordered to dig the place and found a Shiva Linga buried there. After finding Shiva Linga at this place, he ordered to construct the present Bhootnath temple. Even today, people can see the same Shiv Linga as the temple. The complete temple is made of stones with artwork done on them.

Bhootnath, Temple, Mandi, Garvgreh

This artwork at the Bhootnath temple gives us an idea about the art and culture of that time. Even after the so many strong earthquakes in the area, this temple is standing firm which shows its strength.
Nandi, Statue, Bhootnath, Temple,

Bhootnath temple is one of must visit temples when one visits the Mandi town. Around Shivratri, seven days long international Shivratri fair is held near this temple and at this time, people from all around the world come here to see this fair.

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