Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pictures of Ooty Hill Station (Tamil Nadu) 1

Recently, I stayed in Ooty (also known Udhagamandalam) for couple of days. It was totally refreshing experience for me and I am very thrilled after my first visit to a South Indian hill station. It is very hard for any person from North India to believe that such beautiful hills can be present in South India. Earlier, whenever I visited South India then I only encountered hot sun. Ooty is one of very famous hill stations of India and it is true from the choice of this hill station for shooting of many films. Ooty and adjoining areas are very rich in natural beauty and any person can think about spending a good vacation in Ooty. Ooty is approximately 100 KM from famous town of Coimbatore which is connected by rail, bus and air from rest of India. This is first set of pictures of Ooty (for second set visit Pictures of Ooty Hill Station (Tamil Nadu) 2) and it includes pictures of journey from Coimbatore to Ooty and Famous botanical garden where we can find many rare plants. Remaining pictures, I will update in next post. Also visit Ooty- a most popular hill station in south India

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